HOF Will Shields Teams with GES Football Recruiting!

April 6th, 2017

For Immediate Release


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas–Former Kansas City Chief great and NFL Hall of Fame inductee Will Shields and Glenn E. “Shemy” Schembechler III, son of legendary coach of the University of Michigan Glenn E. “Bo” Schembechler, are working together to build a business legacy of their own.

Shields, a former Outland Trophy winner at the University of Nebraska and celebrated KC Chief with a 14-year career that included 12 Pro Bowls, and Schembechler, who himself has a 20-plus year career in football scouting ranging from high school, college and the NFL, are bringing their two companies to develop legacies for the most powerful and efficient player development and scouting/recruiting service in the country.

Will Shields 68’s Inside Sports and Schembechler’s GES Advisory Company will partner in the Overland Park facilities that Shields runs.

“Today, you need an entire toolbox to prepare yourself for any sport especially football,” said Shields. “Our program is designed to make athletes faster, stronger, more agile and explosive and our vision is to improve each athlete’s skill set, work ethic, and potential through developmental programming, but you still need more.”

This is where GES Advisory plays an important role.

“The GES program is designed to be the most comprehensive recruiting and evaluation process by bringing the NFL scouting model to the benefit of every high school football player,” said Schembechler. “We provide 24-hour consultation for every player and their parents to navigate the complex world of recruiting with a keen understanding of programs ranging from Division 3, NAIA to Division 1.”

68 ‘s Inside Sports and GES will work hand in hand to emphasize an individualized improvement plan with consistent and reliable athletic, strength and health results. Then a streamlined recruiting process developed for the individual will help the athlete and the family navigate and understand the intricacies and the importance of selecting the correct university.

“Working together, Schembechler and I will serve the day to day needs of each of its members,” said Sheilds. “We will create an efficient process that individuals and families can understand and trust.”

The program begins this Friday, April 7th at the Will Shields 68’s Inside Sports facility in Overland Park.

For more information contact Zach Hibdon, Director of Professional Sports and Scouting at 68Scouting at 68scouting@68insidesports.com or Zach@68Insidesports.com. His phone number is 913-387-7410.

For more information on GES Advisory, contact Glenn ‘Shemy” Schembechler at gesadvisory@gmail.com or go to https://gesadvisory.com/



GES Football Recruiting with Mike Fitzpatrick of The Michigan Man Podcast!

A special thank you to Mike for inviting us onto his show as we get another opportunity to speak about our comprehensive recruiting program that is ready to expand further on the national stage!

As is always the case, I end up speaking about Michigan Football as it tends to be in high demand regardless of what time of year!


GES Celebrates Two Years of Forging Dreams In Becoming The National Standard for Football Recruiting

When we began this journey two years ago, it was clear to me that there was a need to improve the football recruiting landscape, and take a legitimate shot at limiting the number of mistakes that are made by both recruits and coaches. Understanding that there is no fail-safe solution, I wanted to provide the closest example that I possibly could, with the understanding that sound and accurate game film evaluation coupled with thorough and concise reports that are accurate is essential to a successful union of players and schools.

It was just me and my dream with a notebook, laptop, and a handful of prospects that were willing to take a chance on a concept that really has never been tried before. By leveraging all that I have learned over the last 40 years, I have been led from watching high school film with my Dad at the age of 7, to working in the University of Michigan recruiting office, to scouting on the road for 16 years in the NFL, and now I am fortunate to be back again. I have found my home, and my purpose.

We are so very fortunate to bring on board so many great coaches, teachers and educators that have fostered our development from the comfort of our own surroundings in Ohio and Michigan to reach both coasts in Florida and California, and many points in between. And while we seek to advance to every state in the nation, we are committed to providing the high standards of excellence that we have demanded of ourselves since day 1.

And last but certainly not least, Happy Birthday Dad!

Yours in Football,

Glenn E. “Shemy” Schembechler III
President and Founder
GES Advisory Company

GES Partner Cree Morris takes to the airwaves!

Thanks to Coach Cree Morris for all that he does in believing in who we are at GES!  Click on the link below to hear him describe his grass roots program of developing some of the very best QB’s like Mark Salazar and many others who are  so fortunate to work with him and his Team at 5ToolQB!



Thanks to Zach Williams For Having me on to talk about GES Football Recruiting

Today I was fortunate to go on the air with good friend Zach Williams to provide some great stories on the history of GES and how it came to be!  You can see that there is a certain coach that played a big role on this developing program that allows us to achieve our goals on the national stage!



As Good a Testament As We Could Receive At GES Football Recruiting!

The following is a very telling insight on the type of commitment that we have with each and every one of the families that we help.  This one is told by Sue Honke, the Grandmother of Austin Staebler who is one of the very first young men that we have been able to help.  We could not be more fortunate to do the work that we do and it is because of the great families that find their way to us!

It was of fate and good fortune that brought us to Shemy;  I made the point of telling Austin’s amazing trainer, Dan Roth, of Blue Lion fame (in Ann Arbor) that Austin’s academics were even more important to us than developing his athletic ability.  Dan referred us to Shelly Kovacs, an educational consultant with extensive expertise preparing high school athletes for the high school to college transition (including test prep, study skills, time management, the college application process, etc).

In order to determine the schools with the best opportunities for Austin’s educational and football careers, Shelly wanted an expert opinion of where he could be most competitive and successful athletically. She had worked with Shemy’s father, the legendary Bo Schembechler, had known Shemy for many years, and assured us he was, by far, the best possible person to evaluate high school football talent and prescribe which coaches and programs would lead to Austin’s ultimate success.

Shelly was right!  We were extremely impressed with Shemy’s professional approach. His many years as a pro scout, evaluating talent and placing college players in the pro ranks provided Shemy with expansive knowledge and networks amongst college football programs. He expertly assessed how (which position) and where (which school) Austin’s talents would be best utilized.  We also greatly appreciated the way Shelly and Shemy collaborated about the academic and athletic pieces, and through the admissions process. We could not have been in better hands and are thrilled with the outcome.  Any high school football player with hopes of playing college football should definitely use GES Advisory Company and Kovacs Connections educational consulting.

Former NFL QB Anthony Morelli is the latest to join the GES Team!

Anthony Morelli comes to the GES Team as an accomplished QB in the Big 10 conference and one of the premiere skill position coaches in the Midwest.  He has  been coached and trained by Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno as well as many others that have had an indelible impact on his career. This in turn has earned him the trust of all the young people that are fortunate to work with him and his staff.

Coach Morelli is currently Owner & Head Trainer at X-Factor Sports Performance & QB Academy, a position he has held since 2011.  He has played a key role in the development of the very top QB talent in Indianapolis as well as his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Coach Morelli resides in Indianapolis with his wife Adrienne and their three children, Gianna, Briley and Maximus. www.xfactorQB.com


A Great Addition to the GES Team in Larry Stevens Jr.!

I’ve had the great fortune of knowing Larry Stevens ever since his days as a star Defensive End for the Michigan Wolverines.  Like many 0f the great players that came to Michigan, Larry was a highly sought after player and one of the top athletes in the country.  After moving from the offensive side of the ball to defense as a true freshman, he became a mainstay at DE and lettered every year which is an extremely rare feet.

What was to be a promising career in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals, Larry had his career end to due to injury in just his second season. This is where the vast majority of professional athletes face their biggest challenge when the limelight comes to a close so suddenly. Larry happens to be one of the rare exceptions where his perseverance is by far his greatest quality, the same quality that drove him to accel on the gridiron that drives his professional career today.  Couple that with one of the most ambitious and uplifting personalities that anyone would be fortunate to meet.  Maybe the University of Michigan deserves some of the credit for this, but there is no doubt that Larry has done plenty of the heavy lifting that has made him a success today.

GES is fortunate to attract the outstanding array of talent that we do and Larry Stevens is another great example!  Welcome to the Team Larry!

GES Teams with Valiant Brand as our Official Sports Apparel Partner!

When you grow up as the son of one of the great coaching legacies in the history of college football, it is the long lasting and trusting friendships that are the core of that legacy. One of those friendships resides in John Wangler and his Team at Valiant Brand.

John came to Michigan as one of the top QB’s in the Midwest out of Royal Oak Shrine High School where he served as a starter from 1979 to 1980 for the Wolverines.  After fighting through two career ending injuries, John came back  to lead the Team to a Big Ten and Rose Bowl Championship in 1980.  This would be my Fathers’ first over his 21 seasons at Michigan.

Toughness and resiliency are the trademarks to John’s leadership at Valiant Brand and those are the same tenets that we at GES hold sacred. We are confident that this newly formed Team will bring great benefits and excitement to our respective organizations and we could not be more inspired than we are today, So Let’s Go!

Go to https://valiant-brand.com and enter “GES” at checkout to get a %15 discount!


Shemy on the air with WTKA covering GES Football Recruiting!

I was very happy to join my friend Michael Spath on his show “Inside the Huddle” to talk about our progress on the national stage. We are so proud and excited to provide this unique service that truly serves the best interests of all of the great young people that we are fortunate to work with.  Take a listen and enjoy!